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The Argaric territory spread from its origin, located between the basins of Vera and Guadalentin river, until dominating 500 years later, a region comprised from the south of the Meseta, País Valenciano and the upper area of Guadalquivir up to the coastline of Almería, Murcia and Granada. The Argaric territory occupied an area of circa 33000 km2.

The Argaric society was not influenced by other contemporaneous cultural entities from neighbouring regions. In turn, it is evident the influence of certain artifacts and social practices typically Argaric in communities of other peninsular areas.  The hermetecism towards anything  foreign, along with the standardization of most of artifacts, the funerary practices and the urbanism, indicate a rigid structure of control in the Argaric world.

Aside from external borders, the Argaric world was organized internally in political territories that imposed certain obstacles in the interregional communications. This entailed differences among the settlements with regard to accessibility and the management of raw materials (see Economy).


Distribución de los principales asentamientos argáricos en el sudeste de la Península Ibérica (ASOME ©).Distribution of the main Argaric settlements in the south-east of the Iberian Peninsula
(ASOME ©).


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